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30 Day HIPAA Challenge
The most effective way to ensure your organization is consistently applying best practices for HIPAA Compliance is to adopt a practice-wide awareness program.

We developed this fun and exciting 30-Day HIPAA Challenge to get your entire practice engaged and actively applying those best practices to protect ePHI, as well as the reputation of your organization.

And best of all, it's FREE to healthcare providers!
Kick off National Cyber Security Awareness Month by joining the 30-Day HIPAA Challenge!
>>> Starts November 1st! <<<
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How to participate with the Challenge ↓
Rollout the 30 Day HIPAA Challenge in your office and encourage all staff members to participate! This exciting program is intended to keep your staff engaged and alert on applying best HIPAA Compliance practices.  

How do I complete the Challenge?

Participating healthcare organizations will receive an official 30 Day HIPAA Challenge kit one week before the challenge begins. 

The digital kit will contain printable HIPAA slips, that you and your team will use with the daily challenges. 

Each participating organization will have a winning HIPAA Ambassador for your organization. 
All participating healthcare organizations will receive:
  •  Official #HIPAAMatters Poster
  •  Certificate of Participation to showcase proudly in your office
  •  Chance to win $100 Visa Giftcard
Your winning HIPAA Ambassador will receive:
  •  Certificate of Achievement to showcase proudly
  •  Chance to win $50 Visa Giftcard
Daily HIPAA Tips
Receive daily HIPAA Compliance Tips that you can challenge yourself and your entire staff as part of your HIPAA Compliance Awareness program—delivered right to your inbox!
Challenge Entire Staff
Adopt these challenges into your practice and get your entire staff involved and excited about HIPAA Compliance, while raising the overall importance in a fun way.
Foster HIPAA Importance
Using 30-Day Challenges are a great bite-size way to highlight the importance of HIPAA Compliance to your staff members. Let's keep HIPAA at the forefront!
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